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Get Featured on our Instagram!

Are you an Author, Illustrator, or Author/Illustrator in the West/Central NY Region and you’d like to be featured on our Instagram? We would love to showcase the amazing talent in our region! Keep reading to learn how.

This is an open call with no deadline or closing date.* Submissions will be accepted and posted on a first come, first serve basis. Featured spots will rotate roughly every two weeks.

The Regional Team reserves the right to reject submissions or individual images that do not fit within the mission or goals of SCBWI.

How to Submit

Refer to the following when sending in your submission:

-Email submissions to with “Instagram Feature” in the subject line.
-Must be from our region to be considered. Please include your city of residence in your submission so that we can highlight the talent in different parts of our region.
-Submit a series of square formatted jpeg images, less than 1mb file size each, titled in the following format: LastName_X_Y
–Replace “X” with the numbers 1 to 4 to determine the order they get posted. Replace the “Y” with numbers to order images you want in the same post.
–Example: To have several images in the same post, your file names will look something like “Jones_1_1” “Jones_1_2” “Jones_1_3”
-Discrete watermarks (adding creator info, copyright, etc. to the image) are acceptable.
-Include any social media accounts or website URL as desired. We want to ensure illustrators receive proper credit and that we can drive traffic and engagement their way.
-Optional: Include 4 short blurbs, numbered 1 through 4 to correspond to the image numbering. (So Image #1 will be accompanied by text #1) May include work titles, short artist statements, short bios.

-Images should include text from one of your works. This can be a poem or excerpt from a longer manuscript.
-Background images or textures with the text overlaid are acceptable, but may not use any copyrighted or plagiarized imagery.
-Also acceptable photos of handwritten or printed text – Instagram is a visual medium, feel free to be creative!

-Images must include an original illustration that you created. This can be a scan or well lit photograph. Photos of studio spaces or selfies may also be allowed. (Example – A photo of you holding one of your illustrations, or an artsy photo of an illustration in your studio space)
-Posts can showcase a sequence of images, or detail close-ups of a larger illustration.

-May submit a combination of above, or add accompanying text onto their illustrations.



*The Regional Team reserves the right to end or pause this program at any time.